Digital Multimeter MASTECH MY68

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Digital Multimeter MASTECH MY68

The Mastech/Sinometer MY 68 multimeter is a good instrument considering its price. Its deep grey color and strong back support with high-contrast colors make it different from other similarly priced instruments. If you require a multimeter for your profession as an electrician or an engineer you can easily start with this model. Most of your purposes would be served by this instrument.

You can measure voltages in A.C and D.C and the current flow in a circuit with it. Current flow ranges in milli ampere and Ampere and are almost correctly measured by this instrument. It even measures micro amperes with an accuracy of ± 1.50%. You can also measure resistance in ohms. You need to test a diode? This meter has the answer.

A capacitor quality and circuit continuity can be ascertained by this meter as well. Continuity is audibly reported to you from this instrument. Well, you can also test transistors on it. Frequency measurement provision is there in the tester. The My 68 is provided an with autoranging feature on it, so you have to choose the parameter only, not the range.  However you have the option for manually setting the range.

This meter has got auto power off feature in it that conserves the battery life (it needs a 9 volt battery). It increases your expenditure on one hand. On the other hand the battery life is much longer than a pencil battery. Thus it nullifies the extra expense. The back tilting arrangement on the instrument makes it easy to see the LCD screen. Although the back support has made it a bit clumsy and heavy to carry it is in all other respects a good choice at the current price point.


Functions : 12
Display Count : 3260
Measuring number per second    2-3
Auto/Manual ranging    manual
DC voltage     0,1mV/1000V
AC voltage    1mV/700V
DC current     1µA/10A
AC current     10µA/10A
Frequency    32.6k to 150k
Resistance    0,1Ω - 200MΩ
Input resistance     10 MΩ
Capacitance    326n to 32.6u
Conductivity wire identification    yes <50 Ω
Diode, transistor test    yes
Automatic power-off    ~40 min
Charge battery indication    yes
Overload indication "1".    yes
Power source    9V
Dimensions    91 × 189 × 31,5 mm

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