Digital DC Power Supply adjustable

Digital DC Power Supply adjustable

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Brand: Twins Chip
Product Code: PS-305DM
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PS-305DM Digital DC Power Supply adjustable power


1 single-output, high accuracy, high reliability, low ripple and noise
2. 3LED digital display voltage and current values, with mA files
3 with voltage / current coarse to fine-tune knob to adjust the precision voltage / current value
4. Constant voltage constant current mode of operation, can be automatically converted
5 with limiting protection
6 good quality, affordable


1 experiment for teaching, research
2 for testing electronic production lines and aging products
3. Maintenance for communications equipment
4. Other areas of need DC power supply

Technical Parameters 

Input voltage: 220V+/- 10% 
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Output voltage: DC 0-30V (adjustable )
Output current: DC 0-5A (continuous variable)

Protection: short circuit protection and current limit protection
regulator stability: </= 0.01% +2 mA
steady flow stability:
</=0.2% +2 mA
pattern Wave and noise:
</=1mV (RMS) Ambient temperature: -10.C -40.C
Relative humidity: <80% RH
L * W * H (mm): 270 * 128 * 145mm

Weight: 5.5kg

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