HC-12 SI4463 wireless microcontroller serial 433 long-range 1000M with Antenna

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HC-12 SI4463 wireless microcontroller serial  433 long-range 1000M with Antenna


HC-12 module has three serial pass-through mode, using FU1, FU2 and FU3 said. When used, the various models are just to send and receive serial data, wireless transmission portion of the air tube. The default work under FU3 full mode, which automatically adjusts air baud serial port baud rate according to at low baud communication distances. Different modes can not exchange data, the user can select the optimal mode according to the actual situation. 
When using generally do not limit the number of bytes to a continuous serial transmission module. However, in view of factors such as environmental disturbance, when a large amount of data sent continuously, there may be missing some bytes. So, the PC is best to have the response and retransmission mechanisms to avoid loss of information


PS: HC-11 can not be connected to communicate with the HC-12, they work independently, in pairs. 
1: Supply voltage 3.2V ~ 5.5V. (If you want to work in the module launch state for a long time, it is recommended when the supply voltage exceeds 4.5V series with a 1N4007 diode, to avoid heating module built LDO) 
2: Default communication distance (open test): about 600m (adjustable to achieve the maximum communication distance of 1000m, the air baud rate 5000bps). 
3: The default idle current: 16MA (modules in different operating current of the different operating modes). 
4: Module Size: 27.8mm × 14.4mm × 4mm. 
5: Operating frequency range (433.4-473.0MHz, up to 100 communication channels) Maximum 100mW transmit power (can be set) 
6: The module supports software upgrades. (We provide customers with software upgrades) 
7: The default factory settings: operating mode FU3, baud rate 9600bps, communication channel CH001 (433.4MHz)


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