Hot Air Rework Station soldering station

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Soldering Iron Hot Air Gun Lion King LK852D

Sensor close loop, micro-computer over "0" control, LED indicator, big power, fast temperature rising, accurate temperature, not affected by wind volume.
Wind volume is adjustable, suitable for many kinds of use.
Induction switch on hand held, when you grasp hand held, it will work, and when you put it down, it will stop work.
Auto cold wind function
Brushless wind motor, long life and low noise.
Suitable for SOIC, CHIP,QFP,PLCC,BGA, heating shrink, drying, lacquer removal, viscidity removal, ice-out,pre-heating and glue soldering.
LED digital display accurancy 1°C
Air mode:brushless soft wind
Air volume:120L/minute(max.)
Temperature range:100-450°C
Handheld part length:120cm
Main body: 13.8cmX10cmX15cm

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