LM324D Quad Op Amps

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LM324D Quad Op Amps

The LM324 series consists of four independent,
high-gain, internally frequency-compensated operational amplifiers
designed specifically to operate from a single power supply over a
wide range of voltages.


• Internally frequency-compensated for unity gain
• Large DC voltage gain: 100dB
• Wide bandwidth (unity gain): 1MHz (temperature-compensated)
• Wide power supply range Single supply: 3VDC to 30VDC or dual
supplies: ±1.5VDC to ±15VDC
• Very low supply current drain: essentially independent of supply
voltage (1mW/op amp at +5VDC)
• Low input biasing current: 45nADC (temperature-compensated)
• Low input offset voltage: 2mVDC and offset current: 5nADC
• Differential input voltage range equal to the power supply voltage
• Large output voltage: 0VDC to VCC-1.5VDC swing

SOIC−14  - SMD Package


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