Digital Multimeter MASTECH MY64

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Digital Multimeter MASTECH MY64

Digital multimetrMastech MY64 has a large function package. It allows to measure environment temperature, direct and continuous current strength, direct and continuous voltage, resistance, transistor current gain rate, capacitance and frequency. High input resistance shows high accuracy of the device. Bright protective case of soft polymer, included to the package of multimetrMastech MY64, protects the device from damages while falling down or bumping. Operating position of the measuring device can be changed by means of back panel stop.


Measuring number per second    2-3
Auto/Manual ranging    manual
DC voltage     0,1mV/1000V
AC voltage    1mV/700V
DC current     1µA/10A
AC current     10µA/10A
Frequency    10Hz-20kHz
Resistance    0,1Ω - 200MΩ
Input resistance     10 MΩ
Temperature measurement range t°C    -20° - 1000°
Transistors current gain rate    up to 1000
Capacitance    1pF- 20µF
Conductivity wire identification    yes <50 Ω
Diode, transistor test    yes
Automatic power-off    ~40 min
Charge battery indication    yes
Overload indication "1".    yes
Power source    9V
Dimensions    91 × 189 × 31,5 mm

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