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18-pin Flash-Based, 8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers
 with nanoWatt Technology.


High-Performance RISC CPU:
Operating speeds from DC – 20 MHz
Interrupt capability
8-level deep hardware stack
Direct, Indirect and Relative Addressing modes
35 single-word instructions:
All instructions single cycle except branches

Low-Power Features:
Standby Current:
100 nA @ 2.0V, typical
Operating Current:
12 μA @ 32 kHz, 2.0V, typical
120 μA @ 1 MHz, 2.0V, typical
Watchdog Timer Current:
1 μA @ 2.0V, typical
Timer1 Oscillator Current:
1.2 μA @ 32 kHz, 2.0V, typical
Dual-speed Internal Oscillator:
Run-time selectable between 4 MHz and 
48 kHz
4 μs wake-up from Sleep, 3.0V, typical

18-Lead Plastic Dual In-line (P) – 300 mil Body (PDIP)  package


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