PICKIT 3 Programmer PIC Microcontroller

PICKIT 3 Programmer PIC Microcontroller

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PICkit 3 Features
USB (Full speed 12 Mbits/s interface to host PC)
Real-time execution
MPLAB IDE compatible (free copy included)
Built-in over-voltage/short circuit monitor
Firmware upgradeable from PC/web download
Totally enclosed
Supports low voltage to 2.0 volts (2.0v to 6.0v range)
Diagnostic LEDs (power, busy, error)
Read/write program and data memory of microcontroller
Erase of program memory space with verification
Freeze-peripherals at breakpoint
Program up to 512K byte flash with the Programmer-to-Go
Support windows 7 system.

Pakcage Include:

1 x PICKIT3 device

1 x USB cable

1 x 6pin cable


PICKIT3 suitable for development use, but also suitable for mass production programmer to use. No computer program can burn!

PICKIT3 Main features:
1, the download speed. USB connection than ICD2 \ KIT2 stability.
2, offline programming capabilities. Program development and debugging can be used to do so is good product batch offline programming.
3, power output, the internal voltage can be directly controlled in the MPLAB IDE software.
4, PIKCIT3, support WIN7 system. ICD2 \ KIT2 does not support 64-bit WIN7
5, high imitation of the original shell (see picture), ultra-small size: 95 * 39 * 11MM
6, the full-chip design, fully automatic chip processing, product quality is more stable and reliable.

Users with PICkit 3 Debug, it will automatically upgraded to support future production of new Microchip microcontroller. Recommended to use MPLAB IDE 8.56 or later software.
Standard configuration instructions:
1, PICKIT3 host a
2, high-quality USB cable (with magnetic
3, ISCP programming / debugging line 1
4,6 P pin 2 (already installed in the ICSP online)
5, CD-ROM (containing kit3 using video tutorial) a (for environmental protection, statements do not disc minus 0.5 million, to provide network download, CD-ROM contains all the content if other damage resulting disc can not be read, are not a replacement, providing network Download address)
{CD-ROM containing: 1, the latest MPLAB IDE software, genuine C30, cracked version of PICC and other commonly used PIC development software;
2, a large number of PIC development information, C language development toolkit;
3, a large number of PIC basic experimental program code;
4, ICD2, KIT2, PICKIT3 instructions for use;
5, kit3 using video tutorials;
The light this CD will save you a lot of time. }

PICKIT3 use with the target board connection:

PICKIT3 the ICSP interface pin definition:

PICkit 3 Comparison with other products

1, PICkit 3 Comparison with ICD 2
1 ) 16-bit chip, download \ Debug speed is much faster than the ICD2 2 times. 16 -chip debugging emulator must choose KIT3.
2 ) the price is much lower than ICD2, supported ? Pirates crumbs negative brief Xuan CD2 as much follow-up will have to support more than ICD2.KIT3 32 chips.
3 ) Connectivity reliable than ICD2 does not often appear ICD2 USB Rom problems , red firmware , this is the most troublesome problem ICD2 . KIT3 plug in the computer , unplug , MPLAB IDE software have suggested , not red firmware.
4 ) the official open standard circuits.
5 ) Support offline download, you can upgrade for live programs and batch programming.
6 ) Direct Commissioning PIC18FXXK series, and less than 10V VPP PIC16F72X other chips , no need to manually increase the step-down circuit for the VPP . ICD2 does not have this feature.
7 ) programming debugging power output, and can be adjusted in the software , such as dspic33f, can be directly output 3.3V power supply . (ICD2 not have this feature ) .
2, PICkit 3 compared with the PICkit 2
Similarities are:
1 ) functionally identical
2 ) connected to a PC via a USB -powered ;
3 ) provides programmable voltage ;

Differences are:
1) PICKIT3 faster , PICkit3 main chip is PIC24, slightly better than Pickit2 improved speed , USB or Full12M.
2 ) expand the offline download space (512Kbytes), PICkit 2 (128Kbytes)
3 ) to provide a more accurate reference voltage source
Increase the voltage range (1.8-5V VDD; 1.8-14V VPP), PICkit 2 (2.5-5V VDD)
4 ) supported chip series more , now has support PICKIT3 PIC16F193X and PIC32. PICKIT2 not support PIC32 subsequent debugging , while PICKIT2 some new chip support , has been constantly in BETA state, such as PIC18F14K50.
5) PICKIT3, there are four self-recovery fuse , PK2 a fuse is not, is almost bare without protection .
6) PIKCIT3, support WIN7 system , PICKIT2 not supported.
For PICKIT3 support IC, can be viewed from the MPLAB IDE software . Supports almost now ICD2, KIT2 can support all the chips .
Tool Support: Tool With MPLAB IDE software upgrade chip supports will have updates,
With the software development tools will be upgraded automatically. Open the MPLAB IDE software , configure-> select device
In PIC16F877A example, a tool corresponding to the position in front of the green , expressed support for the online burning ; 2 tools corresponding to the position in front of the green , expressed support for debugging , but should pay attention to three positions , if it is red you do not need the emulation header , you can direct debugging , if it is green belt behind the head model simulation model is required before they can debug dummy head .


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