TCA 965 B Voltage Comparator

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TCA 965 B Voltage Comparator

The window discriminator compares an input voltage to a defined voltage window. The
digital outputs show whether the input voltage is below, within or above this window.
The TCA 965 B window discriminator is especially suitable as a tracking or
compensating controller with a dead band in control engineering and for the selection of
DC voltages within a certain tolerance of the required setpoint value in measurement
engineering. When it is used as a Schmitt trigger, switching frequencies up to a typical
value of 50 kHz are possible


● Two window settings
– direct setting of lower and upper edge
voltage (window edges)
– indirect setting by window center
voltage and half window width
● Adjustable hysteresis
● Digital outputs with open collectors
for currents up to 50 mA
● Adjustable reference voltage VStab

P-DIP-14-1 package


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