USB to CANBus Converter Adapter

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USB to CANBus Converter Adapter Support Win xp - Win7 system including 64-bit Win7


This product is lower machine using 32-bit high-performance ARM chip development, PC software development based on previous experience of site commissioning CAN communication, as much as possible to achieve a powerful, easy to use, clear, no description can be used directly, the perfect software support win7 system, including 64-bit win7, CAN communication support maximum baud rate of 1M; compared with other CAN software, in addition to the perfect support for CAN standard frame (2.0A) and extended frame (2.0B) send and receive data, set the filtering will Standby function, also increased the saved communication data records (text and EXCEL in two ways), in addition to sending and receiving data to increase the visual custom baud rate, auto-answer response data, millisecond data, while increasing the multi-frame data transmission options can be edited directly online data, etc., to make debugging easier.

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