Chiprog Universal Programmer support more than 13000 chips

Chiprog Universal Programmer support more than 13000 chips

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Chiprog Universal Programmer support more than 13000 chips

The Chiprog is USB  universal  programmer BIOS, EEPROM, FLASH , AT8051, AVR GAL, PIC and support more than 13000 chips.

Well-designed cheap professional programmer, Production of high-density SMD technology, a unified user interface, easy to use, fully functional, reliable program running of application software, ultra-small code, runs faster, supports bilingual(English and Chinese), it can automatically identify the operating system to install and run under WIN 2000/WIN XP/WIN 2003/WIN 2008/WIN VISTA/WIN7.

The great part of other development programmers are not comparable to its functions, that is not easy to reach.


1: Using the USB interface and Support  WIN2000 - WINXP -VISTA - WIN7
2: High Speed Programming
3: Support a wide range of chips
4: Unique ultra-low power
5: Easily portable performance
6: Overcurrent protection
7: 40pin ZIF Universal pin
8: Programmer self-testing function
9: AVR microcontroller one-to-one soft encryption


1: Support a Microcontrollers - Microchip, Atmel, AVR, GAL
2: Support a Serial EEprom and parallel EEprom, ROM, EPROM, FLASH, BIOS
3: Support more than 13000 chips
4: Chips last supported
5: Supports most popular ECU, Satellite, xBox, Wii, BIOS, EPROM chips:SST39VF3201, TE28F102, 27C1024, 29F800, 29LV800. . .
6: Supports the chips that 28F102,87C257 and more
7: Supports TSOP48,PSOP44,16bit EPROM chips that 40 pin
8: Supports 25LF SPI series, 25VF SPI series, 29F032,HD6475
9: IC Tester Support TTL type: 54, 74 S/LS/ALS/H/HC/HCT series
10: Working with the adapters further expands the supported devices list
-Packaging supported: TSOP48 (16bit & 8 bit), TSOP32, PSOP44, DIP8 to DIP40, PLCC, SOP,SOIC, MCS-51+, PLCC84, and etc.

The package includes:
Chiprog Programmer with High Quality 40pin ZIF
Adapter PLCC44 to DIP40

Adapter SOP8/SO8 to DIP8
USB Cable (for both power supply and data communication)
Installation CD with latest MiniPro software & PDF manual (there is an English software in it, but manufacturer fail to provide English manual in CD)

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