DC Voltage Meter with DC 0-30V range

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DC Voltage Meter with DC 0-30V range


This DC Voltage Meter with DC 0-30V range. It is easy to read, install and use
And need external power supply and supports Reverse polarity protection.


Measure Voltage: DC 0-30V  three-wire access 
Display: Three digit 0.56" LED
Refresh Speed: Approx.200mS/time
Highest input:DC 100V (higher than 100 has the risk of burn up) 
Minimum input:DC 0V(below than 0V,measurement is inaccurate or does not show) 
Minimum Resolution:0.01V(<10V)/0.1V(>10V) 
Working Temperature:-10℃~65℃ 
Power Supply: DC3-30V
Size:Approx. 4.80*2.90*1.90cm(L*W*H) 
Current Consumption:<20mA
LED Color: Red
High quality

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