AD705 Picoampere Input Current Bipolar Op Amp

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AD705 Picoampere Input Current Bipolar Op Amp


The AD705 is a low power bipolar op amp that has the low in-
put bias current of a BiFET amplifier but which offers a signifi-
cantly lower IB drift over temperature. The AD705 offers many
of the advantages of BiFET and bipolar op amps without their
inherent disadvantages. It utilizes superbeta bipolar input tran-
sistors to achieve the picoampere input bias current levels of
FET input amplifiers (at room temperature), while its IB typi-
cally only increases 5 times vs. BiFET amplifiers which exhibit a
1000X increase over temperature. This means that, at room
temperature, while a typical BiFET may have less IB than the
AD705, the BiFET’s input current will increase to a level of
several nA at +125°C. Superbeta bipolar technology also per-
mits the AD705 to achieve the microvolt offset voltage and low
noise characteristics of a precision bipolar input amplifier.
The AD705 is a high quality replacement for the industry-
standard OP07 amplifier while drawing only one sixth of its
power supply current. Since it has only 1/20th the input bias
current of an OP07, the AD705 can be used with much higher
source impedances, while providing the same level of dc preci-


25 ␮V max Offset Voltage (AD705T)
0.6 ␮V/؇C max Drift (AD705K/T)
100 pA max Input Bias Current (AD705K)
600 pA max IB Over MIL Temperature Range (AD705T)
114 dB min CMRR (AD705K/T)
114 dB min PSRR (AD705T)
200 V/mV min Open Loop Gain
0.5 ␮V p-p typ Noise, 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz
600 ␮A max Supply Current
0.15 V/µs Slew Rate
800 kHz Unity Gain Crossover Frequency
10,000 pF Capacitive Load Drive Capability

Weigh scales
ECG and medical instrumentation
Transducer interface
Data acquisition systems
Industrial process controls
Battery-powered and portable equipment 


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