Battery Voltage Meter with range DC 6-120V

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Battery Voltage Meter with range DC 6-120V 


Display Mode: Battery +voltage, Battery +Percentage - Lead-acid or lithium generic
Intuitive battery type power display, voltage display, the percentage of power are in place. IPL LED display, upscale atmosphere. With low battery flashes to remind, with low-voltage signal output. You can identify short-term fluctuations in voltage, two-wire, easy wiring. With reverse protection.


Work current: 5-15mA (with backlight), Wide Voltage: 6-120v
Energy resolution:1%
Voltmeter accuracy :1%
Using temperature range: -20- 70
Operating humidity:10-80%
Black wire connect negative electrode
Red wire connect positive
External dimension:48×29×18 mm
Hole Dimensions :45.5×26.5 mm
With a shell, easy to use stand-alone or embedded in the panel on the product.
Display Mode: Battery +voltage, Battery +Percentage


This tester for Lithium and lead-acid batteries Universal ,the factory default setting for 12V lead-acid battery power and voltage cycle display,If you need to test other specifications can be re-set by yourself.
The back of the board with a white high key, press the button for 3 seconds to display 1-U, release the button, press one second display 2-b, release the button, press one second to display 3-c, release the button, press one second to display 4-d;
Display 1-U pressed the button for 3 seconds will display fine tuning voltage, then release the button and then press and hold, voltage trimming up, stop by then long press down tuning, can be repeatedly adjusted, until the screen flashes automatically save and exit;
When displaying 2-b can be adjusted in different cell types, 12.0V represents a single section of 12V lead-acid battery, 3.7V to 3.7V on behalf of a single lithium battery, 3.2V to 3.2V single representative of lithium iron phosphate, 1.2V single representative Festival of 1.2V NiMH batteries;
When displaying 3-c, you can adjust the number of battery section, the number of different types of batteries can be adjusted as follows: Section 12V lead-acid batteries 1-8, 3.7V lithium battery section 2-28, 3.2V lithium-ion battery section 3-32, 1.2 section V NiMH battery 10-70.
When displaying the 4-d, you can adjust the display mode, V is the voltage mode,% percentage mode, V% voltage and percentage cycle.

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