Temperature Controller TLE 20 - Made in Italy

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Temperature Controller TLE 20


Tecnologic TLE 20 is a programmable digital ON / OFF temperature controller with temperature range -50 to +150 °C. TLE 20 is equipped with one input for semiconductor NTC or PTC sensor and one relay output which can switch resistive loads up to 16A/230V. TLE 20 can be set for heating or cooling. For cooling in industrial applications is equipped with passive (time) defrost. The device is designed for panel mounting or wall mounting (with C-box). The unit consists TLE20 and temperature sensor, which is available separately.


  1. Heating / cooling On/Off regulation
  2. 4 button control
  3. ON / OFF regulation
  4. Passive (time) defrost
  5. Switching load up to 16A/230VAC
  6. Temperature measurment range -50°C to 150°C
  7. Sensor type PTC, NTC input
  8. Made in Italy


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