Motor Speed Sensor Hall Module Switch Sensor

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1 size: 2.7 cm * 1.4 cm
Two main chip: LM393, 3144 hall sensor
3 working voltage: dc 5 v
Module interface specifications (4 wire)
1 VCC external 5 v voltage
2 GND external GND
3 DO small plate digital output interface (0 and 1)

Module features:
1. Has the power light and signal output indicator.
2. Single channel signal output.
3. No trigger module, the output low level; Module a trigger, the output high level.
4. Sensitivity adjustable (fine adjustment).
5. A magnetic field cutting has signal output.
6. Circuit board output switch quantity, can be directly meet SCM or the relay module, buzzer module, etc.
7. Can be used for motor speed/position detection and so

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