RPM Speed Meter with Proximity Switch Sensor

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RPM Speed Meter with Proximity Switch Sensor 


Measures High-speed Pulses at 50 kHz. 
Provides high-speed pulse measurements up to 120-1200RPM of rotary encoder or ON/OFF pulse signals and can perform rotating measurement of high-speed rotating objects.


-Power requirement: for DC 8-24V
-Measure range:10 ~ 9999RPM.
-Error range: 0.1%
-Clear zero:Automatic .
-Clear zero time:About 10s.
-Refresh frequency: 0.2-0.5S(120-1200RPM),0.25-0.06S(2400-9999RPM).
-Response frequency:100HZ.
-Measure indication:(RPM<5000,±2),(RPM>5000,±3).
-Sign:NPN 5 wires normally open.
-Display:5 x 2cm red LED.
-Tachometer size:79 x 42 x 25mm.
-Panel cutout size:76 x 39mm.

-Hall proximity model:NJK-5002C .
-Detected objects: Magnet.
-Detection range: 1mm-10mm.
-Proximity output current: 20mA(For the sensor).
-Operating temperature: -10 to 60°C.
-Sensor wiring:brown(Power+),black(Test+),blue(signal).
-Sensor size: 60 x 10mm.
-Sensor wire length:1.2M
Function selection:
1.Reset or manual reset on power.
2.Store the data (no power).
Pacage include:
1 x Red LED tachometer
1 x NPN hall proximity sensor
1 x magnet

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